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Persistence Ribbon Cuff

Persistence Ribbon Cuff

A single ribbon, wrapped around the wrist, is the design behind this adjustable cuff bracelet. The style is nod to suffragettes, who wore sashes during their rallies.

  • Width: 1/4", adjustable. 2.5" in diameter at widest point.
  • Material: solid brass

. . .

Solid gold is beautiful, rich, luxurious, soft. You’ve got to baby it, keep it shiny and protected. Brass, on the other hand, is tough stuff.

So when inspired by the words, “Nevertheless, she persisted,” I turned to this prehistoric metal. Its hardness, the ability for this metal to endure, made brass the perfect medium for the concept. I love that when brass is used in sayings, it always describes something essential (“get down to brass tacks”) or, more colorfully, describes unwavering courage or resolve (“you’ve got brass balls”). It’s pretty perfect.

Jewelry care:

Your brass jewelry will develop a patina over time and with each wearing, the patina will deepen and become richer. Water will advance the level of exposure and your piece may develop verdigris, a vibrant green pigment. If you don’t want verdigris on your piece, keep it dry. If you do not want to maintain the patina, you may buff it lightly with a jewelry cleaning cloth.

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Price: $62.00
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