Necklace Sizing Guide

We’re going to talk about necklace sizing today. (I don’t normally begin with an intro, but I thought I would start us off easy because it’s about to get intimate in this space.)

But first, lets take a look at the necklace guide I made for you all to help with the sizing process!


Necklace Sizing Guide


Wait, there’s more.

I know that it’s super frustrating for someone who is petite/plus sized to figure out what chain length suits best, based on a specific model size. Most guides out there like to tell you that a 14″ chain is a choker, but what if you’re 4 sizes smaller or larger than the fit model that they are using?

There are so many variables to consider besides dress size. There is also the neck size and which neckline you’d like to wear the necklace with. Is it winter? Are you wearing a THICK COAT?? And- moving into the realm of inappropriate questions to ask your customers if you are not selling lingerie- what is your chest size?


It gets complicated.

I wish I could tell you that there is an easy formula to figure this out, but the truth is this: we are all special snowflakes.

So, if you’d like to order a necklace that isn’t offered in the size you need, shoot me a quick note and we will figure out the right size, no problem.

I’ll even go a step further, because how incredibly frustrating is this issue?! I’ve definitely been there. Maybe we purchased the necklace using the company’s “average” size and found that it wasn’t our size. Or we received it as a gift and it just didn’t fit quite right or maybe we moved to California and were newly married and wallowing in the all the wonderful cheeses and wines and avocados, and we doubled in size and now NOTHING FITS.

(This place ISN’T for personal venting? Okay, okay. Wrapping it up.)

Send that necklace to me and for the cost of shipping, I will take care of it.*

*Not an empty promise. Email me here to tell me your necklace sizing woes and to get the process started.




One Response to “Necklace Sizing Guide”

  1. Jenn Chen says:

    Thanks for the guide. I’m always needing a 18″ because my neck is just very thick (I say its due to my heavy hair tehehe). Miss ya Laura